Enhanced Productivity Minus The Stress & Burnout

Today, many companies feel stuck between 2 undesirable options: lackluster employee productivity or a burnout epidemic driving high turnover rates. There is another option: a systematic approach to better time management anchored in the science of habits. 


The Foundational Principle

Systems are the key to better time management because systems enable you to “habify” how you do work. When the way you do your work becomes a habit, you move up the experience curve, getting the same work done in less time – and you save time because you don’t have to think about how to do your work. We teach your people how to develop 7 systems that most professionals need today to be successful. Chances are that your employees have never thought intentionally about these 7 systems.

A 7-System Curriculum

Our core curriculum covers the 7 key systems, teaching your people the optimal personal habits and team protocols to use and the tips necessary to maximize their use of tools and technologies. 

We often customize our curriculum to meet the specific needs of organizations. Sometimes this involves going deeper on select topics above while excluding others. Other times this involves adapting the core tools shared above to teach participants related skills, like designing research projects, determining what data to collect and what analyses to conduct, and how to adapt project plans as you receive new information.  


Free Time Management Lesson

Watch this 8-minute video introduction to the 7 systems needed for time management.

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A Financial Services Company Saves Significant Time on Communications

A financial services company knew that high email volume (think hundreds of emails per day) was hampering the productivity of their investment teams, so they worked with us to develop 3 deep-dive sessions focused exclusively on email.

Several months after the training had concluded, we heard this from the Chief Investment Officer:  

"I found the training offered a very high return on a modest investment of time. I think the techniques we learned conservatively save me an hour or more a week, which obviously adds up over time.”

The training liaison for this company confirmed that many felt they gained hours back, scoring the training sessions 8 out of 10 or higher on all dimensions.

Time Management Resources

Our time management articles unpack key approaches and tools we teach in our trainings and provide some additional context on the research supporting the use of those tools.

The Key to Becoming Productive Lies in These 7 Systems

We become more productive when we develop systems for how we do our work & then we follow those systems. Here are the 7 systems the 21st-century knowledge worker needs,


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Gain Time Back for Your Team & Your Company

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