Clear & Compelling Communication to Drive Your Company Forward

Communication is the nervous system of any organization, determining how effectively and efficiently it moves together as a unit and how well it influences the outside world. But great communication is not intuitive.


Communications' 3 Skills & 3 Cs

Miscommunication is one of the top reasons for project delays and failures and also, a consistent source of frustration for unhappy employees. To overcome these communication failures, most professionals need to develop 3 communication skills - presenting, debating (a goal-oriented form of discussion), and facilitating. For each of these skills, we teach your people how to make their communications meet the 3 Cs criteria: clear, coherent, and compelling. 

A 3-Skill Curriculum

Our core curriculum covers the 3 key communication skills your people need to drive your organization forward. This curriculum begins by teaching key skills that help your people communicate clearly, coherently, and compellingly in each of the 3 different types of communication. Then we teach your people specific tactics in each of the 3 main types of communication.

We often customize our curriculum to meet the specific needs of organizations. Sometimes this involves going deeper on select topics above while excluding others. Other times this involves adapting the core tools shared above to teach participants related skills, like writing speeches or memos, leading team meetings, or assembling specific types of documents or reports. 


Free Communication Lesson

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Nonprofit Executives Upgrade Communication Skills

After having their full staff go through our 12-week critical thinking training program, the CEO of a nonprofit association asked if we could provide coaching to their Executive Team on communications. 

We worked through specific presentations the team was going to be making and revamped resources that were going to be shared with key stakeholders. After upgrading one member communication, the CEO shared this feedback:

"Wow! I totally see a difference and how it became a story that never dropped off. Thank you for helping me hone in."

Communication Resources

Our communication articles unpack key approaches and tools we teach in our trainings and provide some additional context on the research supporting the use of those tools.

4 Tools to Reduce Miscommunication

Miscommunication is one of the leading causes of project delays and failures, but it doesn’t have to be. These 4 tools can close the conversion gaps that lead to miscommunication.


How Should You Close An Email?

The 1-2 words you use to sign an email may seem insignificant, but they actually have a big effect on how likely people are to respond. Find out what research on thousands of emails shows.


The Unintended Consequences of Winning Negotiations

You may assume that it is always a good idea to win negotiations, but the effect of losing on others can change the score.


Stop Losing Time & Money on Poor Communication

Select a format above that will work best for your people - or work with us to custom-design a training solution for your people.