The Path to Independent Thinkers & Great Problem-Solvers

When you tell your people what to do, they execute - but when you want them to think for themselves, make decisions on their own, and solve their own problems, that is where things break down.


The First Step

To teach others how to think smarter, you must have a simple, common way to define critical thinking that everyone can understand. We define critical thinking as providing a robust answer to a question. Building on this definition, we define 4 phases of critical thinking with 5 milestones per phase. This is the Critical Thinking Roadmap.

A 6-Topic Curriculum

Our core curriculum covers 6 primary topics and teaches your people to use 54 different practical tools. 

We often customize our curriculum to meet the specific needs of organizations. Sometimes this involves going deeper on select topics above while excluding others. Other times this involves adapting the core tools shared above to teach participants related skills, like designing research projects, determining what data to collect and what analyses to conduct, and how to adapt project plans as you receive new information.  


Free Critical Thinking Roadmap Toolkit

Develop an understanding of the foundational elements of our curriculum and approach to critical thinking.

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A Marketing Agency Develops a New Playbook for Critical Thinking

A marketing agency decided to run their whole team through our 12-week critical thinking training program. Several weeks after the program ended, we received this update from their Head of People:

"For some feedback on how we’re embedding what we’ve learned, we’ve summarized what we felt were the key tools and a couple of the strategists have crafted that into a playbook that all the team has access to. We just reviewed it with the team at our on-site meetings last week. Really working on implementing to make sure people are making good use of the work!"

This is the goal of our training programs: lasting change for the whole team.



"I have already introduced the program to a number of other agency owners to help them get the most out of their team, especially around the concept of idea generation and communicating."


"It gives people a way to think about thinking and collectively talk about thinking in a way that enables both to improve."


Critical Thinking Resources

Our critical thinking articles unpack key approaches and tools we teach in our trainings and provide some additional context on the research supporting the use of those tools.

How to Build Your Team’s Critical Thinking Skills

Critical thinking is not an innate gift that can't be learned. This research-based roadmap makes it simple to develop these in-demand skills.


Critical Thinking Process: 4 Questions that Improve Any Idea

Leaders must respond to others' ideas and decisions all the time, but few have a critical thinking process for improving them.


How to Create the Team Culture that Fosters Critical Thinking

Critical thinking grows where debate is welcome. Yet, teams are often organized around reaching consensus. 


Develop a Team of Excellent Problem-Solvers

Select a format above that will work best for your people - or work with us to custom-design a training solution for your people.