Get the Best Out of Your People

The key to your business' success is the performance of your people - and good managers are key to good performance. Many great individual contributors become managers without ever being trained to lead people. And yet, according to Gallup, most people leave their jobs because of bad managers. 


The 5 Skills that Make Great People Managers

Great people mangers have the skills needed to get the best out of their people. These skills cover relationship development, as well as tactical skills like delegating work and giving feedback. We teach your managers how to hold people accountable to deliver great work while building relationships with them that will keep them at your company. Most individual contributors-turned managers will have never learned these skills.

A Comprehensive Curriculum

Our core curriculum covers the 5 key skills needed to manage people well, as well as the mindsets that produce great managers and the specific skills needed to get under-performers back on track and catapult over-achievers forward. 

We often customize our curriculum to meet the specific needs of organizations. Sometimes this involves going deeper on select topics above while excluding others. Other times this involves adapting the core tools shared above to teach participants related skills, like managing workload among team members, keeping teams on task to finish projects, and creating healthy, effective team cultures.


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A Consulting Firm Develops Great Senior Managers

A leading consulting firm knew that its senior managers struggled to delegate enough work as they became more senior to both give their teams significant enough development opportunities to advance and to free up enough of their time to focus on partner-level skills.

A year after after the training had concluded, we heard from the training team that they wanted to incorporate our training into the ongoing annual training program for all experienced managers.

We worked with their in-house trainers to institutionalize the training tools and strategies.

People Management Resources

Our people management articles unpack key approaches and tools we teach in our trainings and provide some additional context on the research supporting the use of those tools.

Great Leaders Give These 3 Types of Feedback

Most leaders think they're giving enough feedback, while most employees want more. The problem is they're not giving the right types of feedback. Great managers give these three types of feedback at specific frequencies: performance, skill, and task.


What People Managers Need to Learn from Gladwell’s Latest Book

Malcolm Gladwell's advice and warnings on where we get it wrong when talking to strangers are particularly relevant to anyone managing others in a remote work world.


How to Get Good Upward Feedback by Overcoming 2 Common Mistakes

Candid upward feedback is both immensely valuable and very difficult to obtain. Most managers create a team environment that keeps others from sharing openly.


Gain a Committed & High-Performing Workforce

Select a format above that will work best for your people - or work with us to custom-design a training solution for your people.