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How to Get Good Upward Feedback by Overcoming 2 Common Mistakes

people management Dec 26, 2019
How to Get Good Upward Feedback by Overcoming 2 Common Mistakes

Feedback is critical for growth and professional development. Feedback provides the roadmap that guides your development efforts and energy. For managers, upward feedback is just as critical as top-down feedback. Some managers and leaders seem to think they can perform well without getting the feedback of those they manage and lead. They think that feedback from their superiors may just be sufficient.

But the research is clear that managers who receive upward feedback grow more than those who don’t. Similarly, managers who receive upward feedback in some years and not others improve more in the years they receive feedback than those they don’t. Gallup research found that managers who received strength-based feedback were 12.5% more productive than those who didn’t. Operating without candid, constructive feedback from direct reports is like operating blind. You don’t know what’s working and what’s not.

Here are the two mistakes you need to overcome to get consistent, candid upward feedback:

These tips will help you create a team and interpersonal environment that encourages others to share vulnerably with you. 

Maybe you’ve gotten some valuable upward feedback that you need to get better at giving meaningful feedback to team members. If so, here are the three types of feedback you need to give and how often you should be giving it.


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