Science-Based Soft Skills Training

Zarvana uses behavior science, habit research, and academic research to upgrade your people's critical thinking, communication, people management, and time management skills



We focus on today's most in-demand soft skills that AI will never make obsolete. For each skill, we developed a practical framework and actionable tools that are easy for your people to learn, remember, and apply on the job. Select any skill to review curricula, sample lessons, and published resources.

Critical Thinking

Master the 4 phases of critical thinking: execute, synthesize, recommend, and generate.


Communication & Facilitation

Master the 3 Cs: clear, coherent, and compelling - for facilitation & presentation.


Time Management

Develop personal habits, tech skills, and team norms for the 7 systems of productivity.


People Management

Master the 3 key tasks of people managers: delegating, reviewing work, and providing feedback.


Corporate Trainings that Stick

We are not interested in sharing some good information and then walking away only to have your people forget what we shared before they could even apply it. Our goal is sustained behavior change, which leads to skill mastery, which leads to better performance. Here's how we work to achieve this:



Rather than rely on our experiences to define our curricula, we look to peer-reviewed research so that we know what we're teaching works for more than just us. 

Behavior Change

We understand that developing a skill requires changing behaviors, so we design our curricula and training around research on how to build habits.

Spaced Learning

While we will do single-session trainings, we prefer to engage with your people several times over several weeks to give them the opportunity to experiment, learn, and get feedback.


We know your people are busy and are focused on getting work done, so we don't fill their heads with academic theories or abstract concepts. We teach them tools they can use in their daily work.


Financial Firm Upgrades Productivity


"The content has been excellent. I personally learned quite a bit and it has been helpful to give our team very specific actions that we can take to become more effective and productive.

Our teams already collaborated to put together a document covering best practices for communication and meeting management. If we are able to have our teams fully implement and enforce those protocols, that by itself would be a huge benefit." - Henry S. (COO)


"I told my husband he needs to enroll his team in this already. I explained that this is unlike any other professional development experience I've been in. This works the mind in ways it has never been flexed before. It gives you tools to hunker down and do the HARD things."

- Amber O. (Director)

" I used the techniques from last week's lesson in my Board script and received really positive feedback for the presentation. Thank you for helping me grow. I’m looking forward to watching the videos again and doing the workbook. I find this course so helpful! I would love to hire you to help me really fine-tune my November presentation."

- Suzanne O. (President & CEO)

"I have already introduced the program to a number of other agency owners to help them get the most out of their team, especially around the concept of idea generation and communicating."

- Jeff W. (Partner & Co-Founder)

Training Formats

We've designed training formats to maximize skill mastery and improved performance, but we also know that you face constraints of time, schedules, and budget, so we're always happy to work with you to design a format that will work for you.

Multi-Week Programs

Our team delivers 6- to 14-week training programs that alternate between a week of independent learning and a week with a live, virtual session. 

Single Session Trainings

Our team can deliver trainings on any of the topics above in a single session of any length either in-person or virtually. These sessions typically include a workbook and resource manual.

Self-Paced Online Courses

These courses can be accessed anytime, anywhere. They include video lessons, quizzes, workbooks, assessments, and capstone projects.

1-on-1 Coaching

We can provide personalized support to either high-potential employees who need a boost to get to where they belong or struggling employees who need a restart.

Upgrade Your People's Performance

Select a skill and format above that will work best for your people - or work with us to custom-design a training solution for your people.


Looking to upgrade your skills?

While our work is primarily focused on teams and organizations, our coaching service and online courses are also available to entrepreneurs, interested professionals, and anyone else motivated to take their performance to another level.


Becoming Smart Course

We all know someone who sounds brilliant. How they attained such intelligence seems like a mystery, but now it's not. With the Becoming Smart Course, you can learn to use the tools that decode critical thinking.


Personalized Support

Sometimes you need more than the good information that can be included in an online course. You need someone to help you troubleshoot situations and support you in developing new habits that have eluded you in the past. This is where coaching can help.


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