The Practical Tools You Need to Sound & Feel Smart

We all know someone who sounds brilliant. How they attained such intelligence seems like a mystery, but now it's not. With the Becoming Smart Course, you can learn to use the tools that decode critical thinking.


Feel Smart

When you can make sense of loads of information easily, easily understand instructions, + come up with next steps with ease... you feel smart.

Sound Smart

When what you say makes sense, is succinct, structured, + organized, + others leave impressed... you sound smart.

Be Smart

When you generate breakthrough ideas, make decisions that have good outcomes, + deliver quality work on time... you are smart.

"Matt, thank you! Your resources are spot on. I often listen to videos more often than once and take notes to reflect upon them as I try to get the workbook work done. This program has been life-changing for me. I cannot express how instrumental it has become in my everyday life. Thank you for everything you are doing with our team!"

Chief Operating Officer


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3.5 Hours of Video Lessons

In-depth video lessons introduce and explain how to use over 50 critical thinking tools with presentations that capture the concepts visually

6 Workbooks + Quizzes

Each course section includes a workbook that guides you through applying the tools to your work + a quiz that focuses you on the key takeaways 

2 Development Plans

Templates for 6-month personal + team member development plans enable you to take everything you learn from the course and chart a realistic path to growth

Capstone Project

A 2-part project walks you through the process of applying all the tools learned to a single work problem, making it clear how to incorporate what you've learned

Becoming Smart Course

A practical, feasible roadmap to exceptional critical thinking for everyone.


A Comprehensive Curriculum

The course covers the 4 phases of critical thinking development, including key concepts as work planning, deliberate practice, mind mapping, communication skills, decision-making, recommendation-making, strategic thinking, creativity, and problem-solving.

"Do it! No matter where you are in your career, the concepts and tools covered in this program are extremely beneficial not only for professional but also personal growth. This course goes beyond concepts and best practices — it provides the playbook and tools for sustained critical thinking."

Paul B.

President/Creative Director

I told my husband he needs to enroll his team in this already. I explained that this is unlike any other professional development experience I've been in. This works the mind in ways it has never been flexed before. It gives you tools to hunker down and do the HARD things.

Amber O.


The course sounds like something you don't need but from the introduction, you realize this is going to be both extremely useful and challenging.

Reagan G.

Operations Manager


Becoming Smart Course

A practical, feasible roadmap to exceptional critical thinking for everyone.