Critical Thinking

With critical thinking ranking among the most in-demand skills for job candidates and influencing decision-making ability more than IQ, you would think that educational institutions would prepare students well to be exceptional thinkers and employers would be adept at developing such skills in existing employees. Unfortunately, both are largely untrue.

To help professionals build their own and their team’s critical thinking skills, we developed the Critical Thinking Roadmap. Using the Roadmap, you determine where you on 20 milestones to exceptional critical thinking and then use development exercises included in the Critical Thinking Roadmap Toolkit to go to the next level.

The next step for most is to begin asking yourself and others some of these 100 critical thinking-building questions and work to develop the 16 critical thinking skills. This 1.5-hour long training goes into depth on how to develop these skills and how to overcome the three plateaus where most people get stuck on the journey to genius-level critical thinking.

Becoming a better thinker may feel abstract, but it doesn’t have to be. The resources below and the 10 critical thinking behaviors on our professional development platform make it concrete and doable.