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The Critical Thinking Roadmap Toolkit - published in Harvard Business Review - offers an unparalleled framework for how to develop your critical thinking skills for managers, leaders, information workers, and anyone who wants to feel, sound, and be smarter.

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We all know someone who is brilliant, but figuring out how to match their smarts has felt impossible. With this Toolkit, it's simple.

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Inside the Toolkit

The toolkit offers you a practical roadmap you can use to guide your development of great thinking and communication skills. It contains 21 pages of science-based, practical guidance on how to make better decisions, generate more creative ideas, and sound smarter. 

  • Why critical thinking is so important right now
  • The growing shortfall in great thinking
  • Why it's hard to learn to think smarter
  • 4 phase of critical thinking development
  • 20 milestones to chart out your critical thinking development journey
  • Critical thinking development exercises
  • 100 questions to ask to boost your and your team's critical thinking
  • Habits of great critical thinking
  • How to create a culture of great thinking

Sneak Peek

Based on Our Harvard Business Review article

The Toolkit expands significantly on the HBR article, offering over 20 specific practices to build your critical thinking skills and 100 questions to ask yourself or team members to enhance critical thinking.

Rommie Duckworth

“Here's an excellent article with concrete steps to help members of your team build their critical thinking and soft skills."

Allison Vaillancourt

"You must check out this guide on how to teach critical thinking. Truly brilliant."

Mark Moses

"Critical thinking skills are desperately needed to boost your team's performance. Here's how to teach it."

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