Need relief?

You once loved your job. You eagerly put in the extra hours and did more than you were asked. You were excited for the future.


But then it became too much. You started feeling a little tired, but now you’re regularly exhausted, unable to do anything outside of work except binge-watch the latest Netflix series. At work, you struggle to focus on your most important tasks and you feel like you’ve lost your creativity and ingenuity.  You’re experiencing burnout.


You’re not alone. Burnout is common, affecting around 3 out of every 4 professionals at least some times. It’s particularly common among high-performers who seek to do more than everyone else. It builds slowly over time, growing with the chronic stress you experience. Overcoming burnout and preventing it from happening again, but a vacation isn’t the answer. You can’t solve a chronic problem with a temporary solution. You need to experience hope, find refreshment, learn practical tools that you can use every day, and be part of a community that will support you when you need it.


The Zarvana professional Burnout Recovery Online Retreat is designed for both refreshment and equipping. It will leave you feeling better and knowing how to keep yourself out of burnout in the future. And it’s designed around your work schedule so that you don’t have to miss work, further adding to your stress.

Based on the science of burnout

The World Health Organization added burnout to the International Classification of Diseases in 2019, defining it as “chronic workplace stress that is not successfully managed.” There are three primary symptoms of burnout according to former Berkeley professor Christina Maslach:

  1. Emotional exhaustion
  2. Apathy or cynicism (you don’t care anymore or, worse, you resent your work)
  3. Reduced sense of personal efficacy (you don’t think you’re doing a good job)

Often people experience the first or second symptom initially, and then, if it gets worse, they end up experiencing all three together. If you’re experiencing any of these at least a few times a week, you’re either burnt out or at a high risk of burning out.

We tend to associate burnout with an overwhelming workload, but six factors influence your experience of burnout:

  • Workload (including its emotionality)
  • Control (how much control you have over your work)
  • Rewards
  • Fairness (your perception of whether your superiors and organization treat you and others fairly)
  • Values (the alignment between your values and that of your team, boss, and/or organization)
  • Community

You can read more about these 6 factors here.

You can recover from burnout, but most of the interventions professionals turn to have limited or mixed results. In fact, only 3 interventions have enough evidence behind them to claim they work reliably:

  1. Working less
  2. Receiving community support
  3. Engaging intentionally in recovery experiences (such as mastery challenges)

You can read more about what works and doesn’t work here. We designed the Burnout Recovery Retreat around these evidence-based interventions.

Our research behind this event has been published in leading business magazines

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Included in the Retreat

The retreat is designed to be interactive, reflective, and community-building. The retreat will include group sessions, small group masterminds, and time for individual reflection and activities. It fits into your workday, so you don't have to get further behind, requiring 2.5 hours per day for 3 days. You will:

  • Learn why work-life balance & work-life integration don’t prevent burnout & what does
  • Define your sustainability or work-life satisfaction goals
  • Identify the primary threats to your work-life satisfaction goals
  • Use zooming in and zooming out techniques to reduce stress
  • Determine your current & aspirational recovery cycle
  • Identify and schedule specific recovery experiences
  • Design a plan to cut your work hours by 10-15% in one month
  • Experience a 1-on-1 coaching session with CEO Matt Plummer
  • Participate in an online community of like-minded professionals during and after the retreat

The Burnout Recovery Retreat is not another informational session. It’s designed to empower you to feel real change and make real change in just 6 days. Here’s the agenda:

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We run the Retreat every 1-2 months. Join the waiting list by entering your email below and we’ll let you know when the next Retreat is happening.

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What Past Participants are Saying

“If you are struggling to get beyond survival and really thrive at work, then the Burnout Recovery Retreat could be a real help. It is a community-based, collaborative experience that leverages helpful insights, practical tips, and real-life experience. And the best part is that I could learn on the edges of my work and immediately apply what I was learning. I highly recommend this retreat.”

— Jon Hirst (Director of Program Innovation, SIL International)


“As a younger professional trying to balance pursuing interesting stretch projects at work with my core workload, this retreat was incredibly valuable in providing me with concrete strategies to rest and recharge. I’ve been able to use what I learned in this retreat to advocate for myself and communicate my needs to various project teams, which has helped me become even more effective in my work. I highly recommend this retreat, especially for anyone who is trying to figure out how to reach ambitious goals without burning themselves out in the process.”

— Associate (Advisory Services Firm)

“Definitely worth your investment if you are suffering from or are close to burnout. Illuminating insights and practical activities packaged in a time-efficient manner.”

— Partner, Consulting Firm