what critical thinking skills to develop

Top 3 Skills Leaders & Managers Should Develop in 2020

December 19, 2019

The average professional has just 28 minutes per week to focus on their development (1% of their workweek). In this limited time, you must choose between 5,000 courses on LinkedIn Learning and 32,000 courses on Udemy, to name just two options. What skills or even what critical thinking skills should you focus on developing in such a limited time?

Fortunately, research done by the World Economic Forum and others identifies three key skills that will be most essential for career success in 2020. These three skills happen to map directly onto phase four of our Critical Thinking Roadmap: the generate phase – and the four skills we identify as important in the generate phase.

We describe these three skills and the data confirming their importance in this short video:

There are countless ways to work on developing these critical thinking skills in 2020, but few offer an immersive experience where you’ll get to practice and learn from a highly-skilled group of peers and have access to unlimited personal support from a coach. We’ve designed the Critical Thinking Mastermind – launching in 2020 – to be the best, most intensive way to develop these skills.

Critical Thinking Mastermind