Inside the Training

  • What is deep work and why it’s so important
  • The startling shortage of time for deep work
  • Overcoming emails as a barrier to deep work
  • Keeping meetings from eliminating deep work
  • Reviewing team member’s work without losing time for deep work
  • Making time for important instead of the urgent
  • Finding motivation for your hardest work
  • Increasing your attention span
  • Overcoming a people-pleasing mindset
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»On average, managers have fewer than seven hours per week of uninterrupted time to do deep versus shallow work. They spend the rest of their time attending meetings, sending e-communications or working in time increments of less than 20 minutes, a practice that makes it difficult to accomplish a specific task and in the worst cases can lead to employee burnout.«
Bain Partner, Eric Garton, in “The Case for Investing More in People


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