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Key Questions about Critical Thinking Answered

December 12, 2019

Attendees at our online intensive training, How to Become the Best Critical Thinker in Your Workplace, asked several thought-provoking questions. The following is recordings of Zarvana CEO Matt sharing brief answers to each of them during the two sessions.

Session #1 Critical Thinking Questions

During the first session, Matt answered these critical thinking questions:

  • 0:35 min – What is the role of mentors and coaches in helping people build critical thinkings skills? (Read more)
  • 2:17 min – What effect does critical thinking have on real business outcomes, like revenue, KPIs (key performance indicators), and OKRs (objectives and key results)? (Read more)
  • 5:00 min – What traits or characteristics make people more prone to exceptional thinking? (Read more)
  • 7:57 min – Are critical thinking skills relevant to “blue-collar” workers?
  • 9:11 min – How do I identify and assess critical thinking when interviewing job candidates?
  • 11:29 min – How do you find flaws in other people’s recommendations and your own?

Session #2 Critical Thinking Questions

In the second session, Matt addresses these questions:

  • 0:22 min – How can I claim more decision-making rites when my leadership isn’t necessarily generous in granting it?
  • 5:14 min – What frameworks can I use for problem-solving and identifying the real problem?
  • 8:40 min – How can I develop a “commitment culture” in my workplace if I’m not in leadership?
  • 10:57 min – How do I overcome FOMO (fear of missing out)?
  • 13:03 min – How do I deal with information overload? (Read more)
  • 17:03 min – How much context should I provide when delegating work or sharing back work I’ve done?

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