Management tools: work plan

How to Use One of the Most Important Management Tools

January 7, 2020

To be a good manager, you must be capable of wielding a large number of management tools as you carry out these four primary responsibilities:

  1. Thought/idea management
  2. People/team management
  3. Project/process management
  4. Client/stakeholder management

The work plan is one of the most fundamental management tools because it enables you to determine when tasks need to be started, when they need to be completed, and whether you’re on track to complete projects and tasks on time. While the work plan is critical for managers and leaders, it is also valuable for individual contributors working on simple, short-duration tasks.

Critical Thinking Mastermind

Work planning can become very complicated with multi-dependent Gantt charts and sophisticated project management software programs like Microsoft Project. But all the complexity is built on six fundamental steps that professionals at any level can use to better manage their work.

Six Steps to Creating a Work Plan

Good work planning frees you up to spend more time on the deep work that requires critical thinking and creates real value for your company and clients.