Choose professional development priorities

How to Choose Your Professional Development Priorities

February 12, 2020

There are countless changes you can make to upgrade your performance and productivity at work, but you really only can make one to two at a time. How do you choose your professional development priorities?

We built the Time-Finder productivity diagnostic to help you answer that question. If you haven’t taken the Time-Finder yet, you can do so here for free. If you have and you want some guidance on how to interpret your results, this video tutorial will help you.

After taking the Time-Finder, the next step is to pick one to two best practices to commit to master and turn into a habit. You become more productive by making small changes to your professional routines and then sticking with them over time.

In the video that follows, we’ll explain how to pick your one to two highest-value professional development priorities from the 150 evidence-based best practices on the Zarvana platform:

In addition to referencing information about your own performance (which your Time-Finder results do), it can be helpful to understand which skills are in greatest demand today. The World Economic Forum’s list of top three skills necessary for career success in 2020 includes several of the critical thinking best practices you can choose from on the Zarvana platform.