Holidays Don't Solve Burnout

Holidays & Vacations Don’t Solve Burnout. Here’s What Does

November 26, 2019

Many hard-working professionals think: “If I can just get to my vacation, then everything will be ok.” But thinking vacations or holidays are how to recover from burnout is like thinking fasting for a week will keep you from ever being overweight. Replace this faulty thinking with three evidence-based strategies for recovering from burnout.

For most people, solving burnout starts with understanding what causes it. While workload is an obvious culprit, there are five other factors that Berkeley professor Christina Maslach proved determine whether you’ll end up burnt out. One of these factors, in particular, can help you determine when you’re headed toward burnout before you feel it. Once you know you’re at risk or in the throes of burnout, make sure you know which burnout recovery approaches don’t work and which do.