Learn to be a Genius

Critical thinking mastermind

A genius is a person with exceptional intellectual or creative power.

Becoming a genius is the best way to prepare for the future. Geniuses possess exceptional critical thinking skills – one of today’s most in-demand skills. 

Think about it. Your employer likely pays you to think.

If not, then they likely will in the future as AI and computers take over more jobs that don’t require higher-level thinking skills.

Yet, many leave the development of their thinking ability up to chance, preventing them from receiving the next promotion and becoming an exceptional problem-solver and critical thinker.

But you don’t have to.

Schedule a free 30-min assessment to determine your next step in becoming an advanced critical thinker.

Genius-level critical thinking can be learned

An Albany University review of 341 studies showed that critical thinking can be learned at all education levels and across all disciplinary areas. This doesn’t mean it’s easy or that others haven’t failed in their atttempts to teach and learn critical thinking in the past.

In fact, many have failed. But if you dig deep enough into the research, it’s pretty clear why. We summarize these findings and what makes critical thinking hard here.

How do you develop the skills needed to become a genius?

The Critical Thinking Mastermind Group is a 6-month, small group experience designed for managers and leaders to learn and practice the skills of genius-level critical thinking – and in doing so, develop the top 3 skills for jobs in 2020 according to the World Economic Forum: complex problem-solving, critical thinking, and creativity.

Here’s how it works:

  • 1-hour introductory call
  • 1.5-hour video group call every month for 6 months
  • 7 critical thinking exercise cheat sheets
  • Unlimited coaching calls with facilitator and coach Matt Plummer
  • Lifetime access to a private LinkedIn group

What happens during each session:

  • 30-minute training on how to apply one of the 16 critical thinking skills
  • 30 minutes for one member of the group to present his/her greatest question, challenge, or problem and have the full group push their thinking to a whole new level using the Socratic method
  • 30 minutes for another member of the group to do the same

Training schedule:

  • Intro Session: Rapid Thinking – How to push and advance other people’s thinking
  • Session 1: Rapid Thinking – How to think quickly in real-time
  • Session 2: Creative Thinking – How to generate game-changing ideas
  • Session 3: Creative Thinking – How to pick winning ideas
  • Session 4: Strategic Thinking – How to develop breakthrough strategies
  • Session 5: Problem-Solving – How to solve problems by identifying the root cause
  • Session 6: Problem-Solving – How to craft solutions that don’t have long-term consequences

Schedule a free 30-min assessment and we’ll help you determine which of 20 milestones you’ve reached on the Critical Thinking Roadmap and how to take the next step, which may or may not be joining the Mastermind Group.

Know you’re ready to develop advanced critical thinking skills?

Case Study: Who This is For & How it Will Help

Jack is a product manager at a large technology company and he’s responsible for proposing the future direction of the product he oversees. He comes up with a fair number of ideas, but they always seem a little dull to him and even worse, they’re largely disregarded by his superiors. When he does present these ideas to them, the senior managers seem to easily find flaws in his recommendations and quickly jump to totally different recommendations that are immediately compelling. Jack has tried sourcing ideas from more places, including asking his team for their input, but he has trouble picking through their varied recommendations to find ones that are both realistic and game-changing.

When the senior managers approve an idea, he has some trouble getting moving on a strategy to implement the idea. The end goal is clear, but where should he start in charting a path to achieving that goal? When it’s something he’s done before, he’s fine, but when an idea requires a new strategy to achieve it, he flounders.

Once he does get started, he knows that he will inevitably run into some kind of obstacle that will thwart his progress. He and his team work hard to crack the problem and come up with a solution, but in many cases, he ends up turning to his senior managers to get his team unstuck. He knows he should be capable of solving these problems himself and teaching his team members to do the same, but the way his superiors arrive at solutions feels so abstract and intuitive. He doesn’t know what steps he can take to guarantee a different result.

Enter the Critical Thinking Mastermind:

Jack is no longer trapped in this powerless place of not knowing how to become a “better thinker,” or how to just be “smarter” or more “creative” or more “strategic.” He now has a roadmap that clearly outlines the steps on the journey to superior critical thinking and what he needs to do to advance to the next milestone. He learns to recognize certain kind of challenges that demand higher-level thinking and he is armed with repeatable steps that he can use when encounters those challenges. During the mastermind, he doesn’t just learn about these tools; he practices using them.

During one session, someone else in the Mastermind presents a challenge: how to deliver services to beneficiaries that are disconnected from her company’s current supply chain. Jack doesn’t know much about that industry, but he is able to recognize the type of problem presented and he practices using the tools designed to address that type of thinking challenge to push his fellow Masterminder’s thinking. She leaves that session with a much better answer to her question – and Jack leaves with increased expertise in how to advance others’ thinking, which he can use to push his own thinking and his teammates’ thinking.

During another Mastermind session, Jack gets to present his challenge – how to chart the future of the product he oversees. Others deploy the same tools Jack is learning against his challenge, asking him questions that force him to see his challenge and potential paths forward in a different light. Jack does end up with compelling ideas that he himself came up with the help of the group, but even more than that, he leaves with the confidence to repeat the process outside of the Mastermind.

You’re in good company

Ambitious professionals from these leading companies, educational institutions, and government bodies have looked to Zarvana to help them build the most important skills of the future.


We’re so excited about leading this Mastermind and what you’ll experience as you go through it, that we want to offer it at an incredible value:

  • 3 hours of custom-designed training = $3,000 value
  • 6 hours of small group facilitation = $900 value
  • 6 hours of 1-on-1 coaching calls = $1,350 value
  • Private LinkedIn group access = Untold value

Total Value = $5,250

Price for You = $1,900

Schedule your free 30-min assessment today or claim one of the 12 spots in the Mastermind:


When will the Mastermind sessions be held?

Once the full group has registered, we will email the group to find times that work best for the majority of the group. Our goal is to have 100% attendance because that will create the most value for all the members. However, we will record every session so that anyone who misses can watch it later.

What do you mean by unlimited access to Matt?

Believe it or not, we actually mean unlimited. You can set up regular coaching calls with Matt or you can just reach out to him when you’d like a coach or thought partner. You can also communicate with him in whatever medium you enjoy most: phone, video, email, text.

How can I share candidly about my business challenges with other members not in my business?

We will ask every member of the Mastermind to sign a non-disclosure agreement before the first session, indicating that they will not share any information about other members or their companies or professions outside of the group. If you still have concerns, we can work with you to disguise your key question when it’s your turn to share with the Mastermind.

Can I talk with someone from Zarvana first before deciding?

Yes, you can schedule a free 30-min consultation and speak with Matt directly. However, keep in mind that booking a consultation will not reserve your place in the Mastermind.

What happens if all 12 spots are taken and I want to join the Mastermind?

We may consider running two masterminds simultaneously. Otherwise, you can join the waiting list for the next Mastermind we’ll start in several months.

Can people outside of the United States join?

Yes, of course! We’ll work to schedule the sessions around all members’ time zones as best we can.

What if I don’t have a LinkedIn account?

We would recommend you create one. It’s free and we’re confident you’ll find it useful beyond its use for this mastermind.