Critical thinking example in workplace

Critical Thinking Example: How to Become Someone Others Go to for Advice

December 11, 2019

Are you ever asked: “What do you think we should do?” and find yourself without an intelligent response? Have you ever wondered why some people get asked all the time for their advice on topics they lack expertise?

The answer is critical thinking. In this video, CEO Matt walks through a recent critical thinking example in the workplace when he was asked about something he knew nothing about. In describing this example, Matt gives 3 tips for how to craft an intelligent response in such situations.

This is the power of critical thinking. It is a generalizable skill that makes you better in any context, which is why your critical thinking skills are a better predictor of the quality of your life than your IQ.

Critical thinking skills apply in a wide range of contexts, including making sense of the results from Microsoft’s 4-day workweek experiment. Critical thinking’s broad reach comes from the fact that it includes these 4 phases of thinking and these 16 skills.

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