Most people can manage to run an impressive sprint every once in a while, but few can run an ultra-marathon at an impressive pace. Life is an ultra-marathon. To run it well, you need your well-being and you need to prevent burnout. And if you should burn out, you need to know how to escape it and recover quickly.

Most of the efforts to improve well-being and prevent burnout are focused on treating the symptoms rather than addressing the root causes. To prevent burnout, you need to know what causes it. Fortunately, there are decades of research dating back to the 1970s that explain clearly what factors lead us to burnout.

One of the key factors, not surprisingly, is excessive workload. The research is clear: work too much and your well-being will suffer. This is why productivity & time management and well-being & burnout prevention go hand-in-hand. The following resources describe the research behind burnout prevention and how it connects to productivity.