“If you are struggling to get beyond survival and really thrive at work, then the Burnout Recovery Retreat could be a real help. It is a community-based, collaborative experience that leverages helpful insights, practical tips, and real-life experience. And the best part is that I could learn on the edges of my work and immediately apply what I was learning. I highly recommend this retreat.”

— Director of Program Innovation (International NGO)


“Definitely worth your investment if you are suffering from or are close to burnout. Illuminating insights and practical activities packaged in a time-efficient manner.”

— Partner (Consulting firm)



“As a younger professional trying to balance pursuing interesting stretch projects at work with my core workload, this retreat was incredibly valuable in providing me with concrete strategies to rest and recharge. I’ve been able to use what I learned in this retreat to advocate for myself and communicate my needs to various project teams, which has helped me become even more effective in my work. I highly recommend this retreat, especially for anyone who is trying to figure out how to reach ambitious goals without burning themselves out in the process.”

— Associate (Financial advisory firm)


“It is great in reducing the burnout risk. It helps meeting other people with the same issues and difficulties. I find it very important for facing stress during the pandemic.”

— Leadership development coach and consultant

Included in the Retreat

The retreat is designed to be interactive, reflective, and community-building. It includes group sessions, small group masterminds, and time for individual reflection. Here is what's included:

  • Evidence-based Retreat workbook and content package
  • 10 hours of group training and interaction
  • 30-minute 1-on-1 coaching session
  • Lifetime access to an online community of like-minded professionals
  • Early access to our 40+ page Burnout Prevention & Recovery Toolkit
  • Practice mastering evidence-based recovery strategies

The Burnout Recovery Retreat is not another informational session. It’s designed to empower you to feel real change and make real change in just 6 days. Here’s the agenda:

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When I started my job as a consultant, I saw many of my peers burn out and leave after 2 years. But I didn’t want to leave. I loved what I did.

I thought to myself: there has to be another way. Well, in a year’s time, I had found another way. I figured out how to work less and uphold boundaries such that I was working under 40 hours/week while the average was 50-55.

– Matt Plummer (Facilitator of the Retreat & CEO of Zarvana)


Zarvana has been helping people escape burnout for years

100% of past Retreat attendees said the Retreat increased their confidence that they can become and remain burnout free and that they can achieve their professional goals. 100% of past Retreat attendees also said the Retreat made them feel less stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed.

Watch what others have experienced.



When will this happen?

The retreat will take place on September 24, 25, 28, and 29 with the weekend splitting it in half. There will be 3 sessions per day at the following times: 8-8:30am PDT, 11-12pm PDT, 5-6pm PDT.  The 30-minute coaching sessions can be scheduled at any time during the 4 Retreat days or in the 2 weeks following the Retreat.

We will be offering the Retreat again next month or the month after, so if these dates don’t work for you, don’t worry. Join our waiting list and we’ll let you know when the next Retreat takes place. If you need more urgent help, send us a note or schedule a 30-min free consultation with Matt and you can explore other options, including 1-on-1 coaching.


Do I need to attend all sessions?

We expect those who sign up to do their best to attend all sessions. Part of the magic of the Retreat is the interaction attendees have with each other. If you miss sessions, you diminish the experience for others.

We’re purposefully letting you know the dates several weeks in advance so that you can book and hold the times. If you think you’ll need to miss more than 1-2 sessions, please consider joining the Retreat at a later date (you can sign up for our waiting list here).


Where will sessions be held?

The sessions will be conducted via Zoom video-conferencing technology. The online community will convene in Slack.


Who will be facilitating the Retreat and doing the coaching sessions?

Zarvana CEO Matt Plummer will be leading the retreat and meeting with each attendee. Matt founded Zarvana after figuring out how to reduce the hours he was working at a premier strategy and management consulting firm by 15-20% and ultimately, managing 3-4 projects in the time most others managed 2. Matt writes articles on research-based, sustainable ways to boost professionals’ performance on ZarvanaHarvard Business Review, and Inc.



If you have any additional questions, send us a note or schedule a short call.