3 Great Ways to Invest Your Professional Development Budget Before 2020

December 23, 2019

Many companies offer their employees an annual budget to spend on their own professional development and learning. In 2018, companies spent an average of $968 per employee on training. Unfortunately, one study found that 65% of professionals didn’t spend the money their company gave them.

Don’t make the same mistake and make your company think it cares more about your development than you do.

Here are three ways you can invest your professional development budget to accelerate your career and build habits that will allow you to sustain success and avoid burnout. The three options represent three different formats so that you can choose the way you learn best.

Zarvana Productivity App

The Zarvana Productivity App calculates how much time you could save per day, identifies your greatest time-saving opportunities, and then helps you turn those opportunities into lasting habits.

It contains 150 research-based best practices proven to save you time and make you more effective, spanning the following categories: email management, people management, focus, prioritization, critical thinking, and personal sustainability/burnout prevention.

You can sign up for free and try all the features for 2 weeks. To maintain full benefits after the trial, you can choose from our monthly or annual subscriptions. Our annual subscription is 40% off through the end of 2019.


Critical thinking mastermind

The Critical Thinking Mastermind is a small group, 6-month immersive experience designed for emerging and established leaders and managers to go from level 2 or 3 critical thinkers to level 4. Specifically, the Mastermind helps professionals excel at creative thinking, problem-solving, and strategic thinking.

The format of the Mastermind is based on research that shows critical thinking is best developed through dialogue, exposure to authentic problems, and mentoring. Each participant will get to share a key question or challenge they are trying to solve at work and get input and refinement from the whole group. All participants will also have unlimited access to Zarvana CEO Matt Plummer for coaching and lifetime access to the Mastermind’s private LinkedIn group.


Productivity burnout management coaching

Zarvana CEO Matt Plummer works with a wide range of professionals who operate in different industries (technology, consumer goods, professional services) and in very different roles (directors, VPs, executive assistants, consultants, associates). His goal is to accelerate your professional development in a sustainable way: to enable you to become more productive without burning out.

He diagnoses existing challenges, identifies research-backed best practices you’ll benefit from incorporating, and then helps you tailor them to your work-life so that you can make them into habits. Hear what those who have worked with Matt have said.


We know that many people feel like they lack the time to invest in meaningful professional development opportunities. Research from Deloitte shows that the modern worker spends only 1% of their time on learning and development, amounting to just 28 minutes/week.

The problem with accepting this excuse is that it will always exist. You’ll always have “more important” work to do. But if you fail to invest meaningfully in your development, you’ll never close the gap between who you are today and who you want to become.